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The Horse Industry

According to a recent study of the horse industry commissioned by the American Horse Counsel Federation there are 6.9 million horses in the United States generating direct economic impact of $25.4 billion each year. The horse industry employs 338,500 people.

Industry Profile
Income $150,000 40%
Average Home Value $421,000  
Additional Residence 1+ 27.2%
Education College 80%
Airline Travel 16+ trips/year 43.1%
Travel Frequency Frequent Flyer Club Member 78.4%
Credit Cards 1+ 87.3%
Automobiles purchased within previous year 55.3%

Event Measurement Index Report
by Marketing/Media Directions
86% Under 55 years of age
58% Between the ages of 35-45; Median Age-38 years
63% Female
95% Employed
98% Own or lease vehicle
88% Passenger car
47% Light truck/sport utility vehicles
75% Use rental cars
79% Use personal computers
54% Use camcorders
97% Use VCRs
87% Use CD Players
67% Use mobile phones
94% Use timepieces

Market Data
Are you aware of the incredible economic importance of the horse? In the USA the horse business is a big industry that can keep pace with the media industry, even with Hollywood. American equestrian business creates more jobs, pays more in taxes, than the railroad business, or radio and TV, or the mining industry.

Old or new economy - equestrian life in the US is just as diversified: riding tournaments, Western riding shows, the breeding of horses, horse races, auctions of riding horses and race horses...

7 million horses keep 7 million Americans employed. 2 million Americans are themselves horseowners.

Horses bring $2 billions of annual taxes to the US Government. The average annual income of a horse owner is $60,000, or about twice the national averages. (Horse owners are the target audience of IMAX theaters). Horse related merchandise and services produced annually are valued at $25 billion. Through related activities, this enormous amount creates an even bigger share in the US GNP, specifically $112 billion.

The horse is a part of our global economy. In 1999 over 80,000 equestrian events took place worldwide. This figure would be much bigger if we were to include the sport of horse racing. France alone features more than 2,000 racing days a year. Betting revenues are at about $5 billion. The French treasury puts 1% of that sum back into the sport of recreational riding. In Germany 3 horses create one job. That country is home to some of the world's biggest and most successful stud farms for sports horses. In 1999 the total value of horses exported reached $50 million. The feed and litter produced were valued at $1.5 billion. In Arabia and Africa, especially in North Africa and its sheikdoms, there are about 7,000 sports riders with an inventory of over 30,000 horses. Racing events in the Gulf states represents a multimillion-dollar Islamic tradition

These statistics and more available from the American Horse Council website

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