John Henry - One of the World's Nicest Mules


Thank you for visiting John Henry's website. We have listed below some sites that may be of interest to you, as well as links to our many wonderful photographers and the greatest web site designer ever! Again, thank you all!
Home page for Green Meads Farm owned by Jeff Morse, John Henry's trainer
Home page for the ADMS - American Donkey and Mule Society
American Driving Society

Clix Photography

Barbara Frake did the most beautiful colored pencil drawing of John Henry jumping on one of the many Opening Day's of Old Chatham Hunt he participated in.

Great tack:
ReactorPanel Saddles are the saddles I use with John Henry and will work with any hard-to-fit equine back.
Bridles by Design - the BEST place to buy totally custom leather work...and we should know because NOTHING fits John Henry off-the-rack!

Suzanne Avery DVM and Kansas Bluestem Morgans
The home of General Pershing – The worlds nicest Jack

Emma's Home Page
another big beautiful mule

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Black Horse Studio & Design

Interesting mule links:

Here is a great
article about mules
from the Saturday Evening Post, March 2001

If you haven't heard the song "John Henry" enough times here is a
list of every available recording! There are 494 renditions listed so it takes a little time to open the page!

This article is about the use of horses and mules in the Army from the Quartermaster Museum

History with a Colorful Kick - Miles of Mules

Great information about movie mules and burros -
Famous Mules and Burros Too!

If you are interested in the Pakistani army's use of mules to bring relief to earthquake survivors this BBC article is really interesting -
Beasts ease burden of quake victims

Here are some great fan letters!


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